Niner Nuggets- Week 4

Photo: @CharlotteBSB

The Niners have completed their non-conference weekends for this season and now will jump in to Conference USA play. Charlotte sits at 6-9 heading into a big stretch of games coming over the next few weeks. The Niners have a big in-state matchup with UNC-Chapel Hill on Tuesday and then conference play starts with a road trip to Ruston to take on LaTech.

The RPI data is starting to settle a little more this week with CLT sitting at 116. We use Warren Nolan as our source for RPI data and overall Conference USA is rated 16th with a record of 93-67.

Here is how Conference USA stands at the start of conference play, listed in order that CLT plays them:

Here are Charlotte’s Non-conference opponents and their results after 4 weekends:

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