2021 MLB Draft Guide

2021 Major League Baseball draft - Wikipedia

What: MLB Draft

When: Sunday, July 11-Tuesday, July 13

Where to Watch: Sunday (Round 1) 7 PM – ESPN/MLB Network, Monday (Rounds 2-10) 1 PM – MLB Network/MLB.com, Tuesday (Rounds 11-20) Noon – MLB Network/MLB.com; @MLBDraftTracker is a good follow on Twitter since they will be tweeting every pick in real time.

What to Watch: When you have the kind of season that the Niners had, there’s a good chance that the roster included some draft eligible talent. There’s also the possibility that some of your incoming talent could get a look from the pros. Both of those scenarios are in play here.

There are several Draft rankings and projections out there. Bryce MCGowan has been listed on the MLB Top 250 List (158) & on D1 Baseball’s Top 150 College Prospects list (110). McGowan and the following are the players we’re watching as we head into the weekend (alphabetical order):

Austin Knight3BSO
Andrew LindseyRHPSO
Christian LothesLHPFR
Austin MarozasRHPSO
David McCabe1BFR
Bryce McGowanRHPSO
Aaron McKeithanCSO
Evan MichelsonRHPSO

Note: Fans are used to seeing college players drafted either after they turn 21 or are 3 years removed from high school. Keep in mind that everyone received an extra year of eligibility after the cancelled 2020 season. You’ll see a lot of guys drafted that are technically either a freshman or sophomore. Additionally, players that go undrafted can still choose to sign as a free agent for $20,000.

Next Steps: This is going to happen fairly quickly. The draft is being held later than in previous years and players will be moving onto campus in August. The deadline for drafted players to sign with the team that drafts them is August 1st this year. The first day of classes for the Fall semester is August 23rd. What this means is that we’ll have a much better idea of what the 2022 roster looks like in a few weeks. Depending on who signs, we’ll likely have some new names to tell you about via the transfer portal. As for the guys that sign, we’ll immediately begin tracking these new #ProNiners as they begin their road to the show.

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