Niner Nuggets- Week 13

We have made it to the final regular season weekend of the season. Its hard to believe since it seems like yesterday we were just at the First Pitch Dinner!! Charlotte had yet another big win on the road over Top 10 SC this week. Great way to finish out the non-conference schedule.

Before we get into what is going on in CUSA this week, we’d like to thank all the Seniors that are going to be honored this weekend in their final games at the Hayes. Thank you to Austin Knight, Jack Dragum, Hale Sims, Paxton Thompson, Evan Michelson, Clark Dearman, and Aubrey Gillentine. We appreciate you putting the 9 Across The Chest and representing our alma mater during your time here.

With one weekend remaining in Conference USA play there is still plenty up for grabs before we head to Houston next week:

  • DBU has clinched the 1 Seed in the Tournament
  • UTSA has clinched the 2 seed in the Tournament
  • WKU has clinched a spot in the tournament and are currently 0.5 games up on CLT for 3rd. They travel to DBU this weekend and can clinch the 3 seed with a sweep. Anything less than a sweep would require them to win 1 more game than CLT, LT, FAU, & MTSU. Tie breakers may come into play and they only hold the tie-breaker over FAU.
  • Charlotte has clinched a spot in the Tournament and are currently in 4th. They host MTSU this weekend and can finish anywhere from 3rd to 7th. Since the Niners have played 1 less game than everyone except UTSA, tie breakers will not likely come into play. To clinch the 3 seed, Charlotte will have to win the series over MTSU, and win 1 more game than WKU, FAU, and LT does this weekend.
  • FAU, MTSU, and LT are all tied for 5th at the moment and are 0.5 games behind CLT. All three have clinched a spot in the tournament. MTSU is at CLT; FAU is at UAB, and LT is hosting UTSA this week. On paper FAU has the easiest path and LT has the toughest.
  • There are three teams currently tied for the 8th and final spot in the Tournament at 7-20 in conference play. Rice, UAB, & FIU. The tournament host Rice will host FIU this weekend and this series will likely decide the final spot. UAB hosts FAU as mentioned before and has the tie-breaker over FIU. Rice has the tie-breaker over UAB.

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