Niner Nuggets- Week 1

Photo credit: @CharlotteBSB

We are back tracking the Niners and their opponents this season. It is a little too early to look at the RPI this season, so we’ve included the final RPI from last season. Conference USA went 20-12 in Week 1. Charlotte will travel to Clemson on Tuesday and return home to face Army this weekend.

A couple of notes for the week:

  • Infielder Austin Knight was named C-USA Hitter of the Week. He batted .467 with an OPS of 1.326, 2 Doubles, a HR, and 8 RBI.
  • Charlotte drew 50 Walks in Opening Weekend and currently lead the nation. Kaden Hopson leads the country with 9. The Niners broke a school record for walks last season with 371.

Here are the results from Conference USA in Week 1 (listed in the order that CLT plays them):

Here are the results from the Non conference opponents, listed in the order CLT plays them:

Ranked Teams of interest:

D1 Baseball– 11. ECU; 12. UNC; 14. VT; 23. SC

Baseball America– 14. VT; 16. UNC; 24. ECU

USA Today Coaches– 12. UNC; 13. ECU; 16. VT; RV. SC; Clemson; Rice; Dallas Baptist; CHARLOTTE; LaTech; Coastal Carolina

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