Niner Nuggets- Week 8

Photo @CharlotteBSB

We are back with another edition of Niner Nuggets. We are going to start utilizing this platform a little more as the season goes on.

Rankings (Teams of interest in the national rankings)

  • Baseball America: 11 Louisville, 20 North Carolina, 22 Southern Miss
  • D1 Baseball: 12 Louisville, 18 Southern Miss, 22 North Carolina, 25 UConn
  • USA Today Coaches Poll: 14 Louisville, 20 North Carolina, 24 Southern Miss, RV Uconn, RV Davidson, RV Purdue

Conference USA

A look at Week 7 results and what’s ahead in Week 8 for Conference USA, sorted by RPI. Overall Conference USA is 10th in RPI. Bold denotes teams that come to the Hayes.

Out of Conference Opponents

A look at the teams on the 49ers schedule, sorted in order that they play the Niners.

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