Charlotte 49ers Baseball Fantasy Draft Results

Wondering who went where in the Charlotte 49ers baseball fantasy draft? Below you’ll find the round-by-round results.

Darin Spease – The Thumping Termites

Kevin Harward – The Swinging Norms

Mark Colone – Niner Inch Nails

Sean Fox – The Throat Stompers

GM Player Position
Round1 Darin Bo Robinson 3B
Kevin Barry Shifflett 3B
Mark James Matan RF
Sean Joey Anderson CF
Round 2 Sean Adam Mills P
Mark Chris Haney P
Kevin Tim Collie P
Darin Andrew Smith P
Round 3 Darin John Maine P
Kevin Brad McElroy RF
Mark Stu Cole SS
Sean Jason Stanford P
Round 4 Sean Chris Taylor DH
Mark Brion Treadway P
Kevin Joey Hammond SS
Darin Kris Rochelle C
Round 5 Darin Donnie Poplin 1B
Kevin Rob Lylerly 1B
Mark Kevin Ayers 2B
Sean Kelly Skeens C
Round 6 Sean Cam Browder RF
Mark Filed Culbreth DH
Kevin Jeff Johnson P
Darin Brett Netzer 2B
Round 7 Darin Aaron Bray DH
Kevin Brain Harvey P
Mark Donovan Mitchell 3B
Sean Andy Bovender 3B
Round 8 Sean Jason Hill 1B
Mark JD Dickerson LF
Kevin Sean Whiteside P
Darin Zach Jarrett LF
Round 9 Darin TJ Nichting RF
Kevin Justin Seager LF
Mark Deon Danner P
Sean Josh Maciejewski P
Round 10 Sean Shane Brown LF
Mark Carlos Strickland 1B
Kevin Jeff Shore DH
Darin Ryan Baker P
Round 11 Darin Erik Walker P
Kevin Harris Yett C
Mark Armando Rios CF
Sean Cory Lane 2B
Round 12 Sean Spencer Steedley P
Mark Frank Kowar P
Kevin Danny Montgomery 2B
Darin Mike Ambrose SS
Round 13 Darin Randy Duncan CF
Kevin Reece Hapton CF
Mark William Jurney C
Sean Shane Basen SS

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